Gorgeous Etiquette Workshop 2019


Are your tweens or teens talking back, showing limited table manners, or having eyes on their mobile devices while responding to you?

Here's a great opportunity in this Year End School Holiday to equip your tweens and teens with Gracious and Poised Manners. 


Gorgeous Etiquette Workshop 


In this workshop, learners get to pick up important social etiquette skills including how to present oneself to form a positive first impression, what are the appropriate dining etiquette to look out for, the importance of personal image as a youth, how to display confidence through proper body posture and tip and tricks on good smartphone etiquette in this digital age. 


This workshop is conducted in an interactive manner through videos, live demonstrations, role play and hands-on activities.



Date: 30 November 2019 (Saturday)


Time: 0900hrs to 1200hrs 


Age: 12 to 16 years old


Inclusive: Course Materials

                  Certificate of Completion

                  Light Refreshments




FULL. Enrollment CLOSED. 



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