Junior Scholars

Children at this stage of their life have to cope with many new learnings, new rules and new socio-environment. Many of them associate self-esteem with how well they manage the learning tasks in school, how they do at sports and other co-curriculum and how they make friends with other children. Stresses at home such as parents quarreling with each other, problems at school such as having trouble with schoolwork, being bullied or not having friends can affect children’s self-esteem.


In our Junior Program, children get to:

1. Experience personal transformation in all six key areas of life

2. Develop the tools to impart rising self-esteem and discover the secret to overcome early challenges

3. Determine their individual gifts and discover the techniques to live with passion

4. Learn the art of visioning and how it can transform one's life

5. Know how best to ensure good grades and maximize their likelihood of success

6. Learn to differentiate between making convenient choices and those that align with their commitments

7. Step into their personal power and maximize their effectiveness and charisma

8. Enhance their listening and communication skills

9. Learn the secrets to living life as a player by taking action consistent with one's values and in alignment with his life purpose

10. Recognize the invisible forces that do not support their happiness, relationships and personal power and be able to support them to shift away from unproductive behaviours as they recognize the cost of these behaviours.



Parents play a very critical role in elevating your children’s self-esteem through a number of strategies such as helping your children set goals, and then link ongoing effort with success; identifying and talking to your children about feelings, show that you care even if you may not be able to resolve their problems; and modelling acceptable behaviours, such as kindness, good manners, sharing and empathy.


Children who receive great support from their parents and are able to do well in all six key areas of life will feel positive about their abilities and possess elevated self-esteem, and this will serve them well into adulthood.


Join in our Self-Esteem Elevation Junior Scholars Program today to make a positive difference in your child. Feel free to Contact Us for further information.