How Different is Krystal Charm Etiquette Academy from the Other Etiquette Schools?

Krystal Charm Etiquette Academy is one of the only locally established training provider which specializes on etiquette training, character building and personal development programs for children and teens only. Such focus allows the participants to gain much insight knowledge and understanding during the course of the program. The academy originates from Singapore, with the course contents built to harmonize well with the Singapore education setting and the local culture.

The Founder of Krystal Charm Etiquette Academy, who is also the Master Trainer, is highly equipped with the skills and knowledge in children etiquette training, character building and personal development. She has great passion for children and is able to drive the interest of positive learnings in them. Most importantly, all classes are conducted in a fun, interactive and inspiring fashion. The quality of the curriculum, as well as the way it is shared with the participants, ensures that children are fully maximized with the knowledge at the end of the program.