Personal Development

For more than a century, studies show that a child’s emotional life strongly influences his interpersonal relations, behaviour and learning. Children with positive self-esteem feel that the important people in their lives love them and accept them. Self-esteem is about valuing who you are and believing what you can do. When you receive the encouragement in the things you want to do and you succeed, your self-esteem will grow. Children are not born with self-esteem. It is learned through how parents and other important people feel about them and treat them.


Having high self-esteem is the utmost important element essential for developing happiness, fulfilment and overall success in life. It allows one to develop his own skills and contribute meaningfully to his community, gives an individual the confidence to have a go at something new, and helps one build resilience to overcome setbacks. It is important to help children develop their self-esteem starting from a young age to give them a good foundation for a better live when they enter into adulthood.


People with low self-esteem, on the other hand, do not feel confident about doing things for themselves or using their abilities in the best way they can. They are often linked to negative health outcomes and may reflect anti-social behaviours as they often fail to consider the importance of mutuality and respect for the rights of others.


Being a Certified Coach in Self-Esteem Elevation for Children, our Master Trainer in Krystal Charm Etiquette Academy aims to bring about a positive change in uplifting the self-esteem of all individuals. Individuals who have graduated from our program are able to take on a more balanced approach in all six key areas of life, including:

1. Health and Appearance

2. Wealth and Finances

3. Schools

4. Relationships

5. Personal and Spiritual Development

6. Ability to have fun, recreate and pursue one's passion


For more information on our Self-Esteem Elevation Program, please refer to Junior Scholars and Senior Scholars Curriculum.