Senior Learners (10yrs to 16yrs)


Character Education for our Senior Learners between the age of 10yrs to 16 yrs aims to foster a critical appreciation of issues of right and wrong, justice and obligations in society to our learners. They get to build better awareness of meaning and purpose in life and of values in human society.


The program aims to allow our senior learners to make good, independent decisions based on principles and values. It defines behavioural objectives, reinforces positive behaviours, promotes timeless values and concepts that transcend social and cultural differences and help shapes future leaders with good characters. Cognitive moral development also helps to guide the learners' responses to moral conflicts and ethical situations. Allowing our learners to think enables them to build reasoning patterns they will use to apply ethical principles to new situations.


Our Senior Learners get to learn important Character traits and values including:

  • i.    Honesty and Truthfulness
  • ii. Empathy and Compassion
  • iii.Gratitude and Gratefulness
  • iv. Attentiveness
  • v. Integrity
  • vi. Responsibility
  • vii. Helpfulness
  • viii.Patience
  • ix. Courage
  • x. Self-Control
  • xi. Love and Kindness
  • xii. Wisdom
  • xiii. Forgiveness
  • xiv. Teamwork
  • xv. Diligence

and more.